Why‌ ‌My‌ ‌AC‌ ‌Unit‌ ‌Makes‌ ‌Loud‌ ‌Noise‌ ‌When‌ ‌Starting?‌

Noise AC

It might be quite a shock if you hear your air-conditioner make some noise. This is unusual since technological advancements today made sure that they have sound-dampening technologies. If clanking, buzzing, banging, or other noises are present, then this might be a sign of trouble!

Probable Source of Noise :

Debris Inside the Unit

 A quick fix is all this needs, as long as the debris can be taken out safely. You will quickly identify this if you hear a low buzzing or humming noise coming out of your unit. 


When too much pressure is building up within the compressor, it produces a loud whistling noise. Contact a professional right away for this is dangerous. Compressors are tedious to repair, so you will have to replace it most of the time.

Air Filter

 A filter that does not fit correctly may produce some hissing noise. Relatively, this is easy to fix, for you only have to readjust it.

Air Handler

 An electrical problem is the issue when the air handler makes some buzzing noise. Some examples are loose wiring, broken capacitor, arcing, or others. This is best left to the hands of your technician.


 In some instances, the fan of your air-conditioner might loosen and hit other parts inside the unit. It will also produce clicking noises if something is obstructing it. If left unchecked, this might damage the other parts stopping its motion. 

The fan may also produce noise when its blades are bent or damaged, or they are dirty.

Fan Motor Bearings

 Screeching noises are created if the fan motor bearings are failing, and you might require replacing it. 

Fan Belt

Due to varying temperatures, the fan belt contracts and expands, making it worn over time. It will make squealing noises when it becomes misaligned. You have to replace it or it will break and leave you with no air.

Condensate Drain

 If your condensate drain line does not have a proper trap, it might make some bubbling noises. You can check it yourself, and it would not be hard to fix.

Refrigerant Leak

Contact your HVAC contractor hurriedly if your unit makes loud, screaming, noises. Turn your air-conditioner off once you hear it because a refrigerant leak is what it means, and it is very unsafe. 


 Your ductwork will respond to the change in temperature as your air-conditioner turns on or off; especially if it is metal. This won’t damage your unit, but you can use insulation if you want to reduce the sound.

Isolation Feet

 You might hear a buzzing noise when the isolation feet become worn or cracks. This is because the compressor gets tilted and unbalanced. 


 A good measure is to turn your unit off until proper solutions are done. If what you hear from your air-conditioner is too unsettling, and you are afraid to solve this by yourself, call a professional for support. They are ready to offer us help, after all!