How to Repair AC Duct Work

Repair AC Duct Work

HVAC is very important to keep the comfort of many people especially in a household, office, hotel, and others, so it can give you a headache when it seems to not work properly. Some tips are here to help you identify what kind of problem you are dealing with in your HVAC system, and to help you solve it.

Troubles You Might Be Having with Your System

  • Inconsistency

If you feel like some places within your area are much cooler or much warmer than the rest, this might be the first sign that something is wrong within your duct system. A leak might be a cause or disconnected pipes.

  • Whistling Noises

If you hear some strange noises from some parts of your house where the duct runs through, then that is some kind of hint of a weak airflow or pressure imbalance.

  • Poor Air Flow

Your air duct should blow air in vents and when you notice that one vent, in particular, is not blowing air while the others are, it is an indication of an issue with the ductwork. This might be because of blocked air vents or clogged filters, poorly sized ducts as well as leaks.

What You Can Do

If you cannot identify the problem yourself, it is best to call a professional or contact your most trusted HVAC contractor. It will always help to have someone who knows more than you do. One problem you might have trouble solving yourself is if your duct is too small (restricts airflow) or too large (reduces airflow). This might require you to need a technician to replace your air duct. However, if you can find the problem and that you are confident that you can solve it yourself, then take care and make sure you do it properly.

Before doing anything, make sure the system is turned off. If you find some kind of obstruction that compromises airflow, for example, a cabinet moved in front of an air vent, simply move it away. If you found out that your AC filters are clogged, you can clean it or change it.

If you find leaks or tears in the ducts, pipes, or poorly connected joints, you can use special foil tapes to seal them up. You can also use fiberglass mesh tape to reinforce it then use duct mastic with it. Make sure that the materials and adhesives you use are suitable for ductwork to avoid further mess or damage.

After sealing up the leaks or removing the obstructive objects from your duct system, inspect the ductwork again. Turn on your AC and observe if the problems earlier are still present or if the noise is gone and the cooling effect of your system seems consistent, then that is how you know you did a good job.

The Best Way to Avoid Problems in the Future

The best thing to do is to have your AC ducts maintained. You can apply for annual services by your HVAC contractor or you can have cleaning services. Inspection and diagnostics are also good for your duct system.

You always have to take care of your system if you want to not spend too much on repair costs but you should not hesitate to fix problems as soon as possible to avoid further problems in your HVAC system!