How to Hang Something on Stucco Without Drilling

how to hang something on stucco without drilling

If you want to hang something on the stucco or plaster walls – whether a frame, a wall clock, or any decorative object, it would be quite challenging because they can easily crack and crumble especially if strained by a power drill. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t hang any decors in your stucco wall. Using the right materials and process, you can easily hang any fancy object on your stucco wall without the need to drill. 


1. Pick the right adhesive strips 

There are a variety of adhesive strips with hooks that you can use. Pick the one with a strong adhesive capacity designed for outdoor use. Read the packaging for information about how much weight they can support. You must select the one with a higher support capacity that could carry twice as much as the object you are planning to hang. For heavier objects, you can use multiple hooks. If you’re planning to on stucco outdoors, choose an adhesive strip that is rated for outdoors. Otherwise, if you will hang a frame or painting with a hanging wire, choose an adhesive strip with a hook that is fit to accommodate wires. 

2. Clean the wall or surface

Using rubbing alcohol, you can clean or scrub the surface to prepare it for the adhesive application. If there’s any dirt or particle, it will be hard for the adhesive to stick properly to the stucco. Allow it to dry first before sticking the adhesive. 

3. Point and mark the area where you want to apply the hooks 

Use a pencil to mark the point where you want to apply the hook. Applying the adhesive hooks right the first time is much better than removing it to reapply. It is very important to apply it right especially if you’re using multiple hooks or you will need to use wire backing of a frame or painting.  

4. Attach the hooks to the stucco 

Peel off the adhesive backing and place the hooks to the point in the stucco that you mark. Check the packaging for further instructions on how to properly adhere to your hooks to the stucco. Take note that adhesive strips are often difficult to remove, so it is important to stick it correctly the first time. If you need a stronger hold, you can add a touch of hot glue to the adhesive before sticking.

5. Hang your object on the hooks gently

Even if your adhesive hook is strong enough, you may need to hang or attach your objects carefully so that they don’t pop off the stucco. 


1. Use wire hangers to hang frames with heavyweight 

Be sure to choose the right wire hanger that can pierce into the stucco walls. These are curved steel wires that can almost support over 100 pounds (45 kg). These are also removed easily and can leave a very small hole.

2. Mark the spot where you want to place your hook 

 Using a pencil, you can draw a trace mark where you prefer to place your hook. For objects that require wire backing, including the spot where you want to insert the hook. Larger objects may require multiple hooks to support the wire. Make sure to measure so that the hooks are in proper alignment. You can use a ruler or tape to measure this. 

3. Pierce the wall using the sharp end of the hanger

 It may take some amount of force to pierce the stucco but make sure not to crush or bend the wire hanger. It would help if you rotate the wrist in penetrating the spot. Once a hole is made, the wire must slide through easily.

4. Push the hanger into the wall in a position that the hook is right side up 

Once the wire slide easily through the wall, rotate the hanger so that the straight end of the hook is penetrating against the inside of the wall.

5. Hang the frame or object gently

 The hook should be sturdy enough to hold and support it.


1. Use outdoor double-sided  mounting tape to hang light frames and objects

You can hang light objects and decor on your stucco wall by using good quality double-sided mounting tape. Just make sure to select one that is designed for outdoor use because these are they have the strongest adhesive capacity. 

2. Clean the surface area with rubbing alcohol

How clean or dirty the surface can affect how well the tape will adhere to the stucco. 

3. Cut strips of tape and stick them on the object that you want to hang

Instead of applying the tape to the wall, attach one side of the tape directly to what you want to hang first. Peel off the one side of the tape and stick it to the object so that it is not obvious when you hang it. Usually, Double-sided tape is strong enough to hold up to 5 pounds (2.3 kg) or even more. 

4. Strip the back of the tape and hang on the wall

Once there is enough tape on the object, you can remove the back of the tape and attach the adhesive to the stucco. 

5. Hold the object against the stucco for a few to make sure it sticks long