How Much Does It Cost To Repair HVAC

Cost of repair HVAC

HVAC Systems are the technology of indoor environmental comfort. HVAC was designed to provide comfort and acceptable air quality inside your home. And like most household equipment, your HVAC will breakdown at some time and will need maintenance and repairs. For repairs, you can do it on your own if you have enough knowledge, but it is still best to call for contractors and repair services. Although it’ll cost you some, you’ll have the assurance that your HVAC will be running smoothly again. To give you some ideas on your expenditures, here are some cost estimates:

HVAC Contractors

To get your HVAC repaired, you’ll need to hire a contractor. Most of their rates cost around $75 to $200, and rates ranging from $100 to $150 per hour. If you are on a tight budget, choose your contractor wisely depending on their rates. It’s always better if you have a trusted HVAC contractor so that you’ll have better chances for discounts.

Diagnostic Tests and Tune-up Rates

To avoid false assumptions and to know what specifically the problem on your HVAC unit is, you’ll have to run a diagnostic test. A test will cost you around $85 to $110. But if your contractor says that your unit just needs some tuning up, it will cost you just around $100.


Flat rates are usually offered by HVAC contractors for small repair jobs. It is designed to just focus on what is the problem. It will help you save money because flat rates don’t change even though the job takes a little bit more time than what was expected. If you think that your HVAC needs just a little bit of tweaking, this is your best option.

Annual Service Costs

To avoid the hassle from emergency repairs, most HVAC owners settle for annual maintenance service. It includes one or two tune-ups and refilling of refrigerant, heating, cleaning, and AC adjustment. If some parts are needed for replacements, you might be charged for a little extra, but most of the time it just ranges around $150 to $300. 

Emergency Service and Repairs 

At some point, in a much-unexpected manner, out HVAC breaks down. When this happens, emergency services take place. Usually, it will cost more than regular services. Some charge for an extra $40 to $80, while some charge $400 to $600 high-end.

Individual Price List

If the diagnostic test identified specific parts of the HVAC system need repairs or replacements, here are some price estimates to give you an idea and help you with your budget planning.

  • Air-Conditioner

Usually, AC service or repair costs around $320. But if your air-conditioning unit has more serious problems and might need some parts to be replaced, it’ll cost you more.

  • Furnace 

A furnace is also an essential part of any HVAC system. For diagnostics, it will just cost you around $90, while their repairs will cost you around $100 to $150 per hour. If some expensive parts are needed to be repaired or replaced, it will cost you more than their regular rates.

  • HVAC Duet 

The easiest to maintain and the cheapest to repair among all of your HVAC elements would be the HVAC Duet. It will only cost you around $2 to $4 per linear foot of repair, and $35 to $55 per linear foot of replacement. 


If you need some repair services cost estimates, don’t be afraid to ask your contractor about it. The prices above were stated based on regular rates but it may vary. This was made just to help you plan on your repair and replacement expenditures. We hope we’ve helped you!